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Strategic Legal Advice Committee (SLAC)

The SLF is piloting a new project to connect NGOs with legal specialists to deepen their knowledge of strategic litigation and explore ideas for potential legal challenges.

Strategic litigation can be an effective way to challenge unjust policies affecting multiple people at once.

Meetings of the Strategic Legal Advice Committee (SLAC) are designed to foster connections between NGOs and legal experts who are motivated to work with the sector on strategic litigation.

The Committee will be comprised of legal experts who will be able to advise on the areas of law that the SLF funds:

  • Immigration
  • Asylum and asylum support
  • Human rights
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Welfare benefits
  • Discrimination
  • Access to justice
  • Community care
  • Trafficking

NGOs are encouraged to bring practical issues to the meetings to collaboratively explore whether strategic litigation is appropriate and what sort of challenges to bring.

We hope that NGOs attending SLAC meetings will:

  • gain an understanding of what strategic litigation is, what it can and can't achieve, and how to go about it
  • develop links with trusted law firms and law centres
  • learn from the experiences of other NGOs who have taken part in strategic litigation
  • develop new ideas for litigation and have a chance to input into other organisations' legal challenge.

Where appropriate the SLF will provide funding to legal challenges taken forward. The SLF can support applicants in the submitting of an application.

If you are interested in attending our next SLAC meeting on Thursday the 23rd of February 2023 4-5.30pm, please contact:

In this initial phase, we are piloting the SLAC project in London only.